About DashboardBETA

The goal:

    Create your own customized productivity and sharing system

    by designing (and even sharing)

    dashboards of activities, people, organizations, and opportunities

Some possibilities:

To-do: Dashboard a Getting Things Done (GTD) workflow by creating a dashboard with each panel being a to-do list: @work, @home, @computer, @phone, and @errands. Add a calendar panel showing your meetings today, or this week. Perhaps make this your 'Home' (default) dashboard.

Projects: Create a dashboard for a project, with each panel tracking a key sub-project Add a panel listing all current projects to your 'Home' dashboard.

Opportunities: Dashboard a sales process so you can track opportunities (sales opportunities, job opportunities or grant opportunities) through each step in the sales-funnel flow. Perhaps add a panel to your 'Home' dashboard showing a list of current prospects.

Events: Dashboard events that you (or others) may want to attend.

People: Easily attach activities (to-do items, meetings, emails, ...) to a contact record to build an an easy to review contact history.

Share: Share Dashboards with others directly, See an example of sharing information on events and organizations at OregonStartups.com .